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“James delivered a solid presentation with high energy and stage presence at the European Executive Search Congress in London. He chose relevant, insightful content and articulated it in a manner that was easy to understand…. James’ passion radiates out from the moment you meet him.”

Linnea Jungnelius, Marketing Project Manager – O’Neill Consulting Group


How to Introduce James Nathan

Long Intro 

Our next speaker works with businesses all around the world, to help them show their unique value through delivering exceptional service and taking advantage of every opportunity to delight – the kind of service that gets people telling stories.

Here to help you become the only one people talk about, the only one people recommend…..

Please welcome, James Nathan


Short Intro

Please welcome, James Nathan


 NB: If you would like to download this, please click here: James Nathan Speaker Introduction

“We have used James several times over the last couple of years. James is a natural communicator and great speaker. He is engaging, and although he can adopt a light hearted approach, his message and advice is thought provoking, providing a real world action plan to make a difference immediately.”

Jayne Lambis, Director – HR  – IPS Group


Event Promotion

Would you like help promoting your event? James is often asked to promote the events he speaks at to help attract an audience, which is a pleasure. Not only does he have an engaged database but also a strong social following.

To truly delight…

James offers the following extra touches to add even more value to your event.

  • He can write a ‘looking forward to meeting you’ message which you can use for promotion

  • He can record a short video message specific to your audience for promotion

  • He can record a short video message for delegates after the event to remind them of the key points

  • He can write 1 or a series of emails/blogs/articles to reinforce the learning

  • He can stay & join your VIP’s for lunch/dinner

  • He can promote your event to his following

Approved Images

If you are a client with a signed agreement, please feel free to use any of the images below when promoting your event. Of course, if you need something a little different just drop me a note and let me know what you need. If you need higher resolution, please let me know.

( To download simply right click and ‘save image as’)

Equipment Requirements

James uses his own MacBook Pro for presenting and will need the following equipment to ensure a great experience for the audience:

  • Projector to connect to his laptop, and should be of a size that allows everyone in the audience to see.

  • His laptop has an HDMI port, but carries adapters for most systems.

  • A wireless microphone setup if preferable. James has his own ear-set microphone (Samson SE50T) which connects well and provides consistent sound in most instances but he is happy to use whatever equipment suits you.

  • Ideally he will be able to see his laptop for the next slide or use a confidence monitor with similar functionality.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide the above setup, you MUST confirm this with James or his agent as part of confirming the event.