You need to be
The Only One


It results from truly understanding a client’s needs and putting in guidelines and service standards which consistently delight. Allowing you to completely exceed their expectations.

When your business puts the client at the core of all it does, from empowering your people, to streamlining your processes, an outstanding client experience becomes possible every time – from the very first contact, to the next time.

Every time your clients enjoy a great experience with you, they are not only motivated to return, but they can’t wait to tell others about you too.

Growing your business through providing exceptional service is not only great for profit, it’s a whole lot more fun too!

“James was very enlightening.  He covered a wide range of topics that everyone could benefit from. His style was very relaxed and allowed for us all to engage with him.  The team learnt a lot from the session and were keen to start putting it into practice. I would not hesitate to recommend James to other companies.”

Neil Edwards – VP Finance, Moneygram

Why Book James?


If you are planning your next conference, convention, kick-off meeting or annual business event, then I’m sure you will want every member of your audience to leave motivated, inspired and truly ready to take action.

Just as important is that every delegate leaves having gained a number of zero-cost new ideas, as well as the confidence, skills and mindset to come up with many, many more which are perfect for your clients.

“I did have a great time during your presentation. I found it informative, fruitful and inspiring. You really did an outstanding job of sharing your experience. It will help me to develop confidence, skills and mindset.”

Veon Tang, MD – Hotels HR Search

You can expect


Every delegate to leave having gained a number of zero-cost new ideas, as well as the confidence, skills and mindset to come up with many, many more which are perfect for your clients.

An entertaining, interactive and highly engaging presentation which will truly inspire the audience to to take immediate action.

Real world solutions to get you thinking “why don’t we do this already?!”

Be like one client who now asks their staff to “Channel their inner James Nathan” at team meetings!

“James delivered a solid presentation with high energy and stage presence at the European Executive Search Congress in London. He chose relevant, insightful content and articulated it in a manner that was easy to understand…. James’ passion radiates out from the moment you meet him.”

Linnea Jungnelius, Marketing Project Manager – O’Neill Consulting Group

One more big reason

You are booking a living example that proves nice guys can come first.

James is not a diva who requests that you remove the blue M&M’s from the Lalique “Champs-Elysées” bowl, in his drape lined dressing room, nor does he want a slushy machine with mixes of Coke and Hennessy and Grey Goose and lemonade. And there is definitely no need for an in-house masseuse to rub his shoulders prior to him walking on stage.

You are booking a professional who fully understands that he has a part to play in the overall event and the ultimate goal is to serve the entire production.

He’s all about making your stressful job as easy as possible, by being willing, helpful and often self-sufficient – you will learn from your first discussions with James that you are working with someone who wants to understand your objectives, add his experience to your challenges and above all else serve you and your audience.

“I would not hesitate to recommend James for your event. He was a keynote for me at the Bookkeepers Conference. The feedback from the delegates was fantastic, but more relevant was those that I mentor who took ‘action’ on the expertise shared and actually experienced an improvement with the referrals they receive. This guy is practical with his thoughts to help implement a system that works.”

Mike Foster – Commercial Director – The Bookkeepers Alliance