How Can We Use James At Our Next Event?
  • Keynote speaker

  • Break-out sessions

  • Workshop facilitator

  • Panel member

  • Panel moderator

Will James's Talk Be Tailored To Our Audience Or Theme?

Yes, absolutely.  James is committed to making your event a huge success; in order to do so he needs to know about your group to make sure they get what they need. After booking, you will have at least one conversation with James to ensure that he has a full grasp of your needs.

If possible, James also likes to speak with/interview several meeting participants before the event to get different points of view and a better feel for your business.

What Are James's Equipment Requirements?

James uses his own MacBook Pro for presenting and will need the following equipment to ensure a great experience for the audience:

  • Projector to connect to his laptop, and should be of a size that allows everyone in the audience to see.

  • His laptop has an HDMI port, but carries adapters for most systems.

  • A wireless microphone setup if preferable. James uses his own ear-set microphone (Samson SE50T) which connects well and provides consistent sound in most instances but is happy to use whatever equipment suits you.

  • Ideally James will be able to see his laptop for the next slide or use a confidence monitor with similar functionality.

Travel Arrangements

James travels frequently when working with clients and speaking at events.

  • For events outside of England and Wales, he usually flies from London Heathrow.

  • Our team will book all travel arrangements where possible, because of James’s travel commitments, he may not be coming from his home town to your event and this will allow the flexibility to change things where necessary.

  • For most events James prefers to arrive the evening before the event. This allows you complete peace of mind in the event of any last minute travel delays which might impact your event.

  • For all long haul flights a Business Class flight is required.

  • James prefers to stay at the conference/event hotel where he can. He loves to connect with the attendees before hand where possible, and will be available as needed for the event.

  • Where this is not possible, he prefers to stay at SPG hotels. James’s only room requirement is non-smoking.

How Should We Set Up The Room?

A raised platform is best for more than 30 people. This provides a clear, unobstructed view during the presentation.

  • James doesn’t stand still. If a podium or head table are part of your meeting, please make sure there is room for him to stand near the audience. He will not be speaking from a lectern.

  • If your program will last more than 30 minutes before the presentation, consider giving the audience a brief coffee break before introducing James.

  • Please don’t put one chair directly behind the other. If you stagger each row, audience members won’t have someone’s head right in front of them to block the view.

  • Match the number of chairs to the number of people; keep extra chairs stacked up at the back of the room to avoid empty seats.

  • Make sure the entire room is well lit, especially the stage area. If spotlights are available to put on James, all the better.